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 PBA offers one of the most economical memberships in the region!

Your annual dues can be easily offset by the member benefits!

 Membership Benefits

  • Discounted entry fees to our annual Smithfield Challenge and Surry Century rides.
  • 10% discount on purchases at participating local bike shops (show your membership card).
  • Club insurance as well as insurance afforded by our affiliation with the League of American Bicyclists when participating in PBA sanctioned rides (this is why we have you sign the waiver!).
  • Free food and fellowship following the great summer rides: the Hot Diggity Dog Ride, the After the 4th of July Ride, and the Ice Cream Ride.
  • Free classified ads in the Chainstay newsletter and on PBA’s website.
  • ADVOCACY… a voice to improve and protect bicycling in our area!

Peninsula Bicycling Association
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