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Standing Rides
If after reading this and visiting our Facebook group page you still have questions, please contact Robb Myer:

There are so many great rides and local cycling events that we can't keep up with it all on the website!

The best place to find our rides is on our Facebook group page. You will find the date, time, pace, distance and ride leaders name. In addition there is a link back to this website events page which is where you register for specific rides. When you register for a ride you complete the release. Non-members are covered by club insurance for their first ride, after which we hope join the club and ride with us often. In 2021 the club offered over 200 member led rides of varying paces and distances, so there is a lot to choose from.

For many other local riding opportunities, check:

Helmets Required For All Riders, no exceptions
Strongly Recommend having Front (white) and Rear (red) Lights

**Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled brief time**

PBA Ride Pace Definitions

  • A pace: 19 & over mph rolling speed
  • B+ pace: 16-18 mph rolling speed
  • B pace: 14-16 mph rolling speed
  • C pace: 11-14 mph rolling speed
  • Casual: Up to 11 mph (group will wait for all cyclists)
    • + or - indicates the ride will be either at the top end or bottom end of pace range 

Peninsula Bicycling Association
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