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Release forms; why do we need them and where do they go?

Riders, one of the benefits of PBA membership is liability insurance thru the League of American Bicyclists.

This insurance can pay significant money toward medical care in case you are injured on an PBA sanctioned ride provided:

  • You registered for the ride on the events page of this website or with the WildApricot app, which includes acknowledging the release and waiver of liability.
  • Rider leaders have the option to have you use a smartphone to register if you come to a ride without registering, or have you sign a paper waiver sheet. The use of paper waiver sheets have been replaced by electronic registration and are the least preferred method.
  • You are an active PBA member or this is your first ride with PBA. The club offers a 30-day trial membership. During the trial period riders are covered by club insurance only on your first ride. The object is to give you multiple opportunities before you have to decide that club membership is for you.

Ride leader instructions:

  • But first, as noted above, the use of the paper sign-in waiver form is undesired. It should only be used in cases were the rider does not have access to a smartphone. But if you have to have a rider use a paper sign-in waiver form then:
    • Forms go to the PBA Ride Director.
      • Either email Robb Myer; a PDF copy of the form after the ride.
      • or send to:  PBA Ride Director, P.O. Box 12115, Newport News, VA 23612-2115, if you are leading a weekly community ride, you may mail them monthly. The preferred method is PDF emails, when electronic registration is not possible.
  • Paper release forms contained rider mobile and emergency phone contacts. so ride leaders should have all riders contact information with them during the ride. The easiest way is to use the Wild Apricot admin-app, but a 3x5 card or other sheet of paper can be use.  Adding riders to the phone contact list on your smartphone is another way to have easy access to rider's mobile and emergency contact phone numbers.
  • In case of incident, we must have the original form and there is also an incident report form to be filled out.
  • If no incident, form can be facsimile (PDF or photo).
The Wild Apricot member and admin apps are available on both the Apple App Store and Google Pay depending on your smartphone OS.
Find blank release forms here.

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