Our Co-Captains 

Art Wolfson, Team Captain

Eighteen years ago as a way to reduce stress after a period of extreme illnesses, my good friend and prior president of  the PBA, Garrett Baldensperger (now living in Montana), persuaded me to buy a used Lotus bicycle from Contes and from there I started what has become one of the most important aspects of my life: road biking.  As co-captain of the award winning team Killer Bees, I became very involved, along with my co-captain Elaine Cardwell, with the planning of the annual 150 mile bike ride to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis.  In so doing, I have been able to make long-lasting friendships with many of the other team members who help to make  my day to day life so much more fun and invigorating.  There's nothing like the wind in your back, drafting behind a line of good friends, enjoying the beautiful environment of Hampton Roads, on my new "Seven" Axiom GS.  Of course, it could use a better engine.  I hope to be able to ride with many of you this year and get to know each and every rider on the team!!


Thanks for joining the team or for supporting the team.




Elaine Caldwell, Queen Bee
Many years ago, a friend talked me into joining him on a Volksmarch and I found I loved the 6K walk.  One of the events organized by the Volksmarch association was a mini-triathlon and I borrowed a bicycle for the biking portion.  Wow, I was taken by the speed and freedom of bicycling - lets face it, I was smitten.  I saw an announcement in the newspaper for a ride sponsored by the Peninsula Bicycling Association and showed up with hardly any experience.  Everyone was so friendly and helpful, I knew I had found my new sport.  After 10 years of bicycling, competing in the Senior Olympics and finishing a few Century rides, I decided to try a Triathlon in 2007 (then I had to learn to swim!)
Art and I began to co-captain the Killer Bees in 2000 and the team has grown to 100 riders.  We are devoted to making the Killer Bees the best cycling team in area.  The Killer Bees are active in the MS 150 Bike Ride and several other charities and we ride together at every opportunity.  We welcome new members and we want you to come ride with us.


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