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  • Super Moon Ride on the Virginia Capital Trail

Super Moon Ride on the Virginia Capital Trail

  • Monday, September 28, 2015
  • 6:30 PM
  • Chickahominy Park, Williamsburg

NOW MONDAY, SEPT. 28 at 6:30 PM

This is last in the Full Mood Ride Series and we will be guided by a Super Moon, a Harvest Moon, and a Blood Moon - all rolled up into one.

Meet at Chickahominy Riverfront Park with enough time to log in for a 6:30 PM roll out.

PBA and WAB are collaborating on the B/B+ group with Joey Chapman of the PBA leading out the faster B+ group and Dave Clarke will sweep with a slower B group.  The WAB will provide a ride leader and sweeper for a C group.

The route will be very simple - ride to Charles City and back - 27.3 miles.  Slower groups may certainly opt to shorten the length of the ride.  A few tips:

  • With a start time of 7:00PM, the first portion of the ride will be in fading light with darkness expected by the time we get to Charles City.
  • All lights should be stocked with fresh batteries or recently recharged.
  •  Please check the weather and dress appropriately since it cools off rapidly after the sun goes down.
  • A small number of participants decorated their bikes with colorful lights - have at it... that was fun to watch.

So come on up to Williamsburg and enjoy this wonderful cycling resource - The Virginia Capital Trail.

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