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Moonlight Melon Ride

  • Friday, July 31, 2015
  • 7:30 PM
  • Chickahominy Park, Williamsburg

Ready to howl at the moon while riding your bike?! When’s the last time you did that? Now’s your chance!

fly to the moon by *junehee on

On Friday, July 31 there will be a 7:30 PM  ride out of Chickahominy Park, Williamsburg. Yes, PM (as in night)! That is not a typo.

The route will be on the Capital Bike Trail from Chickahominy Park to Charles City Courthouse and back at both B and C paces for a total of approximately 26 miles.

You must have a front light and a back light in good working order on your bike. The brighter the better. Also if you are so inclined… feel free to light up the night by decorating your bike in lights! But be ready to roll out and howl at 7:30PM!

Afterwards there will be watermelon in the park in celebration of the first (and possibly of more) night time rides!

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