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Peninsula Bicycling Association

Board of Director’s Meeting

Sunday, 2020 March 08

Tabb Library, 100 Long Green Boulevard Yorktown, VA 23693

Present at this Meeting:

President - Jamie Clark

Treasurer - Tom Carmine

Secretary - John Sprock

Safety & Training Director - Tregg Hartley

Rides Director - Jen Faas

Richard Armstrong - Membership Director

Meeting called to order at 1325

Jamie Clark made a motion to amend the minutes from 2019 Oct 13 to include the information that a motion was madeand seconded to provide the $200 for Marsh Madness tee shirts. That motion was tabled for further discussion. Richard Armstrong seconded, the matter was approved.

Another amendment to those minutes from 2019 Oct 13to include a motion passed to provide Sharon Bochman with $150 as reimbursement for mileage. Motion by Jamie, seconded by Richard, voted and passed.

Tom Carmine provide
dthe treasurer’s report. Balance of $14,800 as of 2020 Feb 29.There is one outstanding check in the amount of $200.

Tregg Hartley report
ed on theride leader training held at Melanie Payne’shouse. Bob and Linda Carter were there to review the material andfour new people qualified as ride leaders. We will try to set up another class for those who could not make it to the last class. Probably sometime around June.

There were 18 people at the Smart Cycling class. Riding skills were done indoors at Boo Williams gym. Meals were provided by the City of Hampton.

54 people were at the awards meeting. Jamie will stop by and pick up the deposit for the meeting room. Next general meeting will be at the Village Bike shop. Tom Howard to provide a presentation about the TTA. Karla McCarraher to speak about the MS 150 Crossroads ride. PBA to provide marshals.

Ice Cream ride will be will be either the first or the fifteenth
of August, as the 8th conflicts with the Covered Bridge Classic. We have the pavilion at Big Bethel Park reserved for both dates. A decision on which date will best serve will be made pending member responses.

Faasreports that she is working on updating the ride schedules for this year. There are several new rides, including a Sunday ride that moves it’s location each week. She is still in the process of polling the ride leaders to determine which of them might be interested in being part of a ride participation award program.

Richard Armstrong reported
that there are 642 active members at this point. 47 people have their membership lapsed for 30 days or less, 6 people are over 30 days in arrears. A proposal to include aMembership challenge for the month of April. Bring one person to a ride and get them to join the club. People who bring in new members to be recognized in the Chainstay. Twenty five people is a reasonable goal.

Report on jersey design. Still negotiation with Hincapie over the price.
They were able to provide a better price to Marsh Madness and HRC. When questioned, Carlton Corley was unable to explain why his quote was so much higher. He will check with his supervisor and see if they can match the other quotes.

Rider Participation awards to be determined by Ride Leaders. Each ride leader to come to the board to discuss support for their individual award proposal.

$200 to Marsh Madness
for the purchase of tee shirts. Motion made by Jamie Clark. Matter discussed at some length. Seconded by Tregg Hartley. Todd and Beverly voted yes by email. Melanie and Tom and Robb voted no. Justin abstained. The rest of the board members present voted to approve. Motion passed.

Tregg made a motion to post the board meeting minutes to the web page. Along with the schedule of the board meetings. John seconded. Approved.

Pedal for the Pig update. Needs posting and registration open. Jamie will look into it and talk to Beverly before the next board meeting. Membership is still required
for participation.

Community service possibilities to include a possible bike rodeo to coincide with the Tour de Fort.
We have had great success supporting running events, and these do provide a means for people to participate at any pace or distance. The One City Marathon had a group of fife members supporting the full marathon, and four to six riding the shorter distances. At the Smart Cycling Class, PBA members attending provided useful input to the curriculum and assisted in the bike riding skills portion. Hampton City is interested in having us help with a bike rodeo sometime around the end of April. It was suggested that the bike rodeo be held on Fort Monroe and coincide with the Tour de Fort.

Meeting adjourned at 1500.

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